Kalvanin Kadhali

If you liked ‘New’ and were starting to become a fan of Surya in ‘Anbe Aruirae’, then you might enjoy this film. But for everyone else the film is a  disappointment. Surya looks like he is straight from the sets of Anbe-Aruirae. Nothing has changed for him, not even his costumes and he eventually does his baby talk throughout the film. Nayantara looks much better, in fact far better than what I saw in Gajni. Surya is a spoilt-brat and looks to enjoy girls. He acts as if he is in love with them, but once he has them, moves on to the next girl, typical playboy. When he sees Nayanthara he adds her to his list. But Nayanthara is a lovely, homely girl and devotedly loves Surya. Her family network also supports her. When Surya learns that he cannot have her before marriage, he is upset. But more so when he learns that her entire family treat him as her husband already. Eventually he also falls in love with her. Just then, an old friend of Nayanthara, who also happens to be one of Surya (s)ex-mates, meets her in a hotel and spots him and not knowing about their affairs, discusses about Surya being a playboy. Nayanthara is all upset and breaks with Surya but eventually the expected happens.
The screenplay is not all that boring, but nothing special about this movie. Note: Surya is just as actor in this movie and has not directed it.

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