A sentimental film. Jothika is June.R, because she is an orphan and was found in the month of June and because one day while at a Cathedral she was so upset by other kids calling her an orphan, that the Sister (read Nun) there said that she was the daughter of Rose. Jyothika is in a marketing firm and looks like she is enjoying her life. But back home she talks with her virtual mother and yearns for motherly love. To hide this fact from co-workers, she gets food from a hotel and says that her mother had prepared it.
Kushboo is a social service aunty (neighbour and well-wisher of Jyothika) who takes care of three physically challenged kids. One day as Jyothika is driving back, she finds Saritha on the road unconsious, helps her to a hospital and signs as her daughter. But Saritha has a son, who doesn’t want to take care of her. So Saritha ends at Jyothika’s home and the two are a very happy mom-daughter (they even sing a song). Then the son tries to take her mother back (We learn later that it was because of her money). Saritha falls ill and Jyothika tries to bring Saritha’s brother who had not seen her for a long time (good for him) since it was her last wish.
Jyothika probably decided that Saritha will die for sure and so she does at the end. And at that moment of immense sadness, comes Surya to protect Jyothika from Rain (He even carries an umbrella) which makes people to smile rather cry as the director expects. So again Jyothika ends up without mother. (Yeah but with Surya). The screenplay is wonderful that you don’t feel the film has finished by the time it does, but well I really didn’t get it. Why the hell show an orphan longing for her mother and then provide her one only to take it away from her again. I don’t know where such people derive their pleasure from. Very Sadistic.

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