From the director of ‘Samy’
Starring any-role-suits-him ‘Surya’

Aaru is a local-gansters-of-chennai film. But with the crisp touch of the director and excellent dialogues it becomes a good entertainer. In fact it keeps you on it grips from the start till end. No sloppy works done to slow the pace down. Surya is a ‘adiyal’ of a famous Nathan & Co goonda group. He has been there even as a child. As you would expect he doesn’t kill anyone and reasons outs on his own. Nathan & Co, though a bit pissed off with him have to keep him as he is unbeatable and all that.

Trisha is the only daughter of a wealthy, not-so-caring father (of course her mother is dead). She falls for Surya, helps him and in the end well rewarded. What I liked personally about the film was that there was no case of the villans raping Hero’s sister or killing Hero’s parents and stuff like that. Though there is some revenge from Nathan and Co stable, it is not heart-breaking.

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