Kanda Naal Muthal

The story is fairy simple. Presanna and Laila are enemies from their childhood (You do have a scene depicting why so). Presanna is taken care of by Lakshmi and his son, Arvind who is also presanna’s friend is engaged with Laila. After a meet with Laila Arvind decides she is not suitable for him and flies back to US giving a 6 month delay to the marriage, and informs laila too about it. Laila suspects Presanna to be the culprit for Arvind’s decision. Laila’s sister meanwhile elops with her boy-friend which puts her mother in a heart-attack. Presanna comes to help them. They start liking each other and the climax is inevitable.
Presanna is a huge positive for the film. Even his eyes speaks romance. The way of story telling resembles ‘Hyderabad blues’ by Nagesh kukunoor. The big minus is the feeble screenplay especially in emotinaly binding scenes and Laila who seems to speak rather than act in serious scenes, though the same Laila does exceedingly well in the scenes that suit her style.
All in all the film could have been far better than what it is, but kudos to the budding directory and a producer who is keen on giving good films, Prakash Raj.

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