Kundakka Mandakka

The last few posts have been only film reviews – and understandably so, for this is Diwali season. Kundakka Mankakka is a film that aims to entertain people the most. We all know that Parthiban and Vadivelu are such a grand combination when it comes to comedy and what they have been doing in bits and pieces in other films, they have managed to do it for the entire movie here. And to maintain the film running for 2.5 hrs they needed some story line. So they added a sister to Parthiban and her marriage to a Crorepathi as Parthiban’s intentions. Please don’t say that a few scenes are ‘Out of Logic’, because they are not meant to be. This is a full time comedy and go ahead and have a good laughter. Vadivelu as usual is outstanding and Parthiban manages to add some fresh touch to shun any signs of repeatition. All in all a good movie for your health.

Rating 65/100

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