Oru Naal Oru Kanavu

Another Fazil film. The good thing about the film is that it is very decent. You can sit with you family and enjoy an evening show of this film. The bad thing is that it is quite slow like other Fazil films, but fortunately Srikanth and Sonia Agarwal have done well. The film starts with the usual theme of a good active hero and a playful heroine. The heroine challenges the hero at one stage that she will make him love her. Hero accepts it wanting to teach her a lesson but ends up in love with her. For some unknown reason the hero and his mother feel that the hero should raise to a level in life before he marries her and the hero goes about doing it by cleaning his house and looking for old scribes containing information on ayurvedic treatment (What a hard work!!). The Fazil touch is present in the climax, though nothing like the ‘Kathalukku Mariyathai’ Fazil has tried his best to get atleast a part of the emotions. The film is more of an artwork than a commercial one but as I said, your family will love to watch it.

Rating :: 65/100

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