It was one of the most anticipated movie by experts of the film industry and it did not fail to impress. The movie is a must see and you will not regret having seen it. The movie starts off at full speed and you start to long that the tempo should be maintained till the end of the film. The first half goes with the same tempo and you are now hoping and even praying that the second half does not slow down. It doesn’t but at the middle of the second half the film slows down, rather it becomes very cinematic and that goes down till the climax.
Surya has done exceedingly well in his characterization of ‘Sanjay Ramaswamy’, as a high profile, rich businessman. Equally great has been the performance of ‘Asin’ in her role. The duo brighten every scene and set the film ablaze. Nayantara is ugly and has a terrible role and one much more terrible item number. Nayantara please stop this or else you will be exiting tamil film industry much sooner that you think. Songs are great especially ‘Oru Maalai ila veyil neram’ is excellent.
Jokes are not inserted into (patched) but integrated with the film. I am not even giving a hint of the story as it might shorten your excitement when you see the movie. Overall a through hit for Surya, Asin and director Murugadoss (Ramana Fame)

Please Note  : Gavri commented on LJ that this film was a copy of Memento .So I now feel that there is not much to praise about the creative plot. Thanks

Rating :: 77/100   70/100 (Rating changed after Gavri’s comment)

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