Oru Kallooriyin Kathai

A very different story. If you had been expecting some College rowdies, useless songs and ragging, students threatening  lecturers in this ‘College Movie’ you will be in for a surprise. The film is very different from that.
It is quite serious and worth watching. Arya has done quite well in this movie and so has Sonia agarwal. All old classmates plan to meet after a few years at a single place. Arya one of them comes there buy is mentally challenged due to some incident. His friends try to revive him and on the advice of the doctor, they try to re-establish the same surroundings that they had when they had studied together. So they go to the college, repaint it, call the old students from all over and try to set up a stage for Arya to be cured. Their attempts are very interesting and that is what makes the film watchable. Though quite slow, the screenplay is worth it. I did not quite approve of the climax myself, but you that is just me. Overall a watchable film and quite different one too.

Rating :: 68/100

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