Anbe Aruyirae

Surya sets again on a unique venture. If you did know that he directed ‘Kushi’, ‘Vaali’ and ‘New’, you must be well aware that he does things a bit different from others and that is what happens in ‘Anbe Aruyirae’ – referred as AA here after. The first unique thing is that the name was chosen by public. Then the fact that Surya tells the story up front even before the film begins. And that this is a unique story – not even heard about before. Throughout the film, you are reminded of the ‘Surya Style Dialogue Delivery’ that was so well accepted in ‘New’.

The story is in itself very simple. Lovers get parted due to misunderstanding and their memories unite them. It is sort of a fictious film. The usual Surya touch is there in the film, some double-meanings and some explicit scenes, that can cause your grandma to further increase wrinkles in her forehead. But it is at the right dosage. Surya in an interview did say that the heroine will be the next simran. She does really do well in expresssions department, especially in the intimate scenes, but still she has a long way to go in her dances and keep herself fit if she were to be called a ‘Simran’. The screenplay seems a bit boring sometimes, but nothing to point out in particular. Songs by Rehman are good, especially the introduction one and the one that is sung by the fictious memories. I did like the message very much that ‘Love between couples should be like that between a mother and a kid. Never do we have a feeling that we can forgot our mother and get a new one. Such should be the grit with which you much love your spouse/would-be/etc. You must never have a thought that may be if this does not work out, we have an option of quitting the relation. Overall, it is a very entertaining movie.

Rating :: 68/100

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