After a looooooong gap, I had the chance to participate in a Chess tournament conducted as part of the annual day celebrations at Broadcom. I participated only in Chess as it would be conducted only in weekdays and not in weekends when I would be in Pondicherry. 16 players had given their names including me.

In the first round, I was up against Ramki. We tossed and he got white. He is a senior manager and was also playing really well. The game was getting ready for a nail-biting finish when he received calls for a meeting. That did have some effect in his play and he made a blunder wihch cost the match and he resigned. We played the regular e4 opening and he even attacked my 0-0 castled king.

In the second round I had to play against Ananthan and there was no air of tension as he was very amiable and much against the norms of chess, we did have a few chat during the play. We also played the game in the crowded Library which eased the tension further. He played some decent chess, but he went on to sacrifice his bishop for which I could not see any advantage. I took it and forced his resignation very soon. I was playing white as ananthan was brave enough to ask me choose my color.

The semi finals was against M.P.Reddy and this time we tossed and I got white and resumed my favourite e4. The game was poised on equal terms when he made a blunder and thinking that my queen was unprotected against his he took a pawn with a bishop. I removed the bishop and he realized that he had lost the bishop as my queen was protected by a knight. From then on I easily forced his resignation.

The other semi final match was between Dhanraja and Baskar and Danraja was easily the better of the two and eventually won the game. The finals was on 2nd September and Danraja and I sat down to play the game at 1.10 P.M We tossed and I got white. I opened e4 and he replied with e5 and it was a closed Giucco Piano (I played d3 and ensured a closed position). We exchanged queens the result of which I had a doubled pawn on f file. Then the game went on as we exchanged pieces and pawns. But he made a mistake and lost a pawn which resulted in a passed pawn for me, which I threatened to make a queen. After two hours of tough play he resigned. (initially it was agreed as 1.5 hrs with 15 minutes stop watch after that, but after an hour’s play I asked his permission for a 2 hour game and then a stop watch of 15 mins if required and he agreed). I was happy that I could pull it off. It was a sweet victory after many years. Also in the annual day report they had written “CHESS – Helped discover the shelved brains of a few in BRCM. Only singles event to get a BSE guy as a winner – Hail Simon Peter”. What more when I wen to the lab, people referred me as Broadcom Grandmaster and the HR too said that I was the Chess Champion.

Round 1:

   1. Sumeet Sinha Vs Vijay Ananthan (9th Aug)
   2. Ramki (Ramakrishnan) Lakshman Vs Simon Peter (10th Aug)
   3. Srinivasa M.P.R Vs Kishore Sriadibhatla (9th Aug)
   4. Rangarajan K Vs Magilarasan (8th Aug)
   5. Rajesh Natarajan Vs Dhanraja K (8th Aug)
   6. Vikas Agarwal Vs Arun G (10th Aug)
   7. Madhva Anandhamoorthy Vs Arul T (9th Aug)
   8. Mala Baskar Sherigar Vs Naveen Raina (8th Aug)

Round 2:

   1. Vijay Ananthan Vs Simon Peter (11th Aug)
   2. Srinivasa M.P.R Vs Rangarajan K (11th Aug)
   3. Dhanraja K Vs Vikas Agarwal (11th Aug)
   4. Madhva Anandhamoorthy Vs Mala Baskar Sherigar (11th Aug)


   1. Simon Peter Vs Srinivasa M.P.R (18th Aug)
   2. Dhanraja K Vs Mala Baskar Sherigar (31st Aug)


      Simon Peter Vs Dhanraja K

I was awarded 1500 Rs Worth Gift Voucher from Sodexho Pass. That is really wonderful !!