I totally agree that we have come to Bangalore looking to earn more and certainly it wouldn’t have been possible in my wildest dreams to earn this back at Pondicherry. But I am forced to complain about this garden city just because of a the morons who reside here.

One thing that everyone will agree instantaneously is the pathetic state of the roads and flyovers. I should call them as semi-flyovers as there are very few actually completed. There is one near BTM Layout (Jayadeva hospital) and I remember my friend Arun saying to me that it would be over before I join Honeywell, when I had come to the interview on Dec 2003. I joined Honeywell on Jan 2004 and after an year and half left it and joined Broadcom and they are still constructing it. Wow!! And there is this famous Bannerghatta Road that was in shambles for years to-gether and when they decided to set it right in Mar 2004, we were just overjoyed. I heard someone say that in Karnataka, roads are laid differently. Unlike those in Tamilnadu, where once the road is laid, the BSNL people will dig and when that is covered will come the Electricity people to dig and so on, in Karnataka, he said everyone sits together and decide before the road is laid and this helps as no one needs to dig it once it is done. So as per that the BSNL people, BESCOM (electricity) and many others were called and they sat for a discussion. They are yet to decide.. The road is yet to come to shape as of this writing on July 2005. What makes this worse is the fact that the said road plan was for just 4 Kms and it was a joint venture between BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) and Mantri Developers (a private player). It only reminds me of the joke about a math problem where the teacher would ask that if 1 person can do a work in 10 days how long will 2 take to do the same and we would say to ourselves twice longer as they would start chatting with each other.

Now comes the most dreaded aspect of Bangalore – Traffic. Ask  anyone in Bangalore and he will be prompt to show his finger at the BDA for poor roads as the reason for traffic levels. Ask me and I will tell you the truth. 25% of the traffic can be attributed to the roads, but the remaining 75% goes to the diots who drive on them. If you stop someone and ask him “Do you have any idea what a traffic rule is?” and he will promptly say “Gothilla” (Means I don’t know in Kannada) as he wouldn’t even have heard about it. No one stops on the line. They probably have colour blindness as they keep moving after the RED light is signalled. And they don’t know any numbers either as even before the signal count down reaches 10 they would start to move on. They overtake on the left, move very lethargically on the right and what not. The best part I like is when there is a Traffic Jam they would do their best to make it worst. Everyone will attempt his/her best to block others. Knowing very well they can’t move out, still they will adjust themselves so that the person from the right/left road does not move out either. And another notable and unique feature is the agility with which they move within the traffic. Don’t be surprised if they walk straight on your head to move in front. In short no one cares about anything else.

The very nature of people here surprises me. They are not only selfish to the core, but they don’t even have the slighest common sense or social responsibility. The man who lived next to us would keep his TV volume at 30 and you can hear it as you turn to our street. Whenever he gets a call in his cell, he used to take it and come close to our window and then would engage in the most dramatic conversations. We were so fed up and we started enjoying his stupidity rather than getting frustrated. Whenever we used to get water shortage he would calmly get a bucket, go to the terrace and fill his tank from ours. Once I caught him and all he did was to smile saying “There is no water in our tank”. What the hell!?! I started at him and he stopped his water robbing act.

Having said all this the fact is majority of those living in bangalore are from outside Bangaore. Well, I know that people will be ready to tell me that if I don’t like the city then I can better leave. But well I can’t do that either. But I can certainly put my thoughts in my blog, Right!!