‘Azhagan’ – a classic

Sorry for the review of a very old film, but when I happened to see the film yesterday in K Tv, I couldn’t control myself from writing this. The film starts off superbly. The screenplay is really wonderful to say the least. Balachander has proved himself many times and Azhagan is just one more feather to his cap. There is a special touch by Balachander in many places throughout the film. When Mamooty says that his wife is no more, Banu priya acts as if she is very sorry for him, but in a split second she is seen smiling to herself as she is in love with him. The same is the case with mamooty who likes her very much but thinks the rangan in Priya rangan (Banu priya’s character name) is her Husband. The way they express these are really mind-blowing. There is scope for everyone in the film. When did we last see such a movie.

Madhu bala comes as a young, energetic and a bit crazy girl. She is also in love with mamooty but mamooty explains her about their age differences and that he had always considered her as his daughter.

Geetha is a triple MA degree holder and aspriring for her fourth. She too falls for Mamooty. Once mamooty explains a song of Bharathidasan in which the author asks us not only to think of ourselves and our family but also about others. Geetha wanting to inspire mamooty writes a poem out of the concept. It goes ‘Jaadhi malli poocharamae’ … The verses are excellent and very meaningfull.

Also the song ‘Sangeetha swarangal’ where mamooty and banu priya talk thrroughout the night on their phones is too good.  It is rare now-a-days to get such decent movies with very decent songs and wonderful lyrics. The music is by Maragathamani.

But the climax is a bit slow and also a little boring considering the pace with which the remaining movie goes.  All in all it was a great treat to watch the movie.

Rating :: 75/100

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