Dog Bite

Well another sad but interesting event. There used to be a very bid dog in the house just infront and right to our house. There was a teacher in that (she is still there with his sons now) and as a kid I used to go to their house. On that eventful day, they had put a plate with some food for the dog. The dog was not able to reach it and it was trying desperately. Then came the kindest person on lawspet, Mr.Simon to help the dog. I went straight picked up the plate and tried to keep it near the dog. The dog took it otherwise and thought that I was all set to steal it. It gave a bite on my hand and I still have the marks (though slowly fading off). My father came home and took me to GH casuality where a nurse injected a needle and she seemed to be more bothered about the dog than me as she kept on enquiring about it. Finally my father had to monitor the dog and me for a week and then they were happy that the dog was normal. I quite did not understand why they were worried about the welfare of the dog.

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