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If you had read the Chandramukhi review, you might have learnt that it is more suited for those who are not Rajni fans. Going by that ‘Mumbai Express’ is not suited for you if you are a Kamal fan or even if you not, but only if you are a ‘Pasupathi’ fan. The story, screenplay are by Kamal and that shows why inspite of the direction of ‘Singheetam Srinivasan’, the director of the famous ‘Pesum padam’, the film is rubbish to say the least. The story/screenplay is not good enough for a film. May be if it had been taken as a drama there is a possiblity that it could have succeeded. Still if you wonder why it is rated 2nd or 3rd in the Top 10 Movies, the reason is not because of this film, but because of others that were released with this (except for Chandramukhi).
Kamal is usually an excellent actor of comedy with his timing being perfect, not so in this film. What is worse is that pasupathi had done a job twice as good as what Kamal has done. I am an ardent Kamal fan and I tried my best to explain to my wife that the film is after all really good. I tried telling her that it is a jolly film, but it was not so. Then I tried telling her that it is more of a children’s film, but that failed when we had so much of ‘Medhavi thanams’ like Manisha being a mistress which are totally unnecessary for this film. Everyone except pasupathi and to some extent vaiyapuri seem to be always in a state of sleepiness, especially the boy who Kamal kidnaps. Can’t in this whole big India he get a better child artist than that boy.
The best comedy is not in the film, but in an interview with Kamal when he said that the film will be more entertaining than MunnaBhai MBBS. I can confidently say it is no where near it. But I have some good points to make about the film. Kamal, considering him as an actor has done a good role in framing the dialogues. Also knowingly or unknowingly he has given a greater role to Pasupathi who had taken it to his advantage. I never knew such talents lay hidden in him when he was always given roles where he was meant only to shout at the top of his voice ‘Yei’ (Refer Sullan and another film where Sivaji Ganesan’s peraandi had acted).

Rating :: 30/100

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