When I first landed in bangalore I thought, well it is like any other city as the bus-stand was as bad as that of pondicherry’s.
But eventually I have changed my opinion about this city. It painfully tries to emulate a foreign city. There is something very unique here. U can find people very energetic and buzzing at 10.00 PM. They are the victims of the new disease called ‘Callcenteromania’ and have been hospitalized in various centres throughout the city.
No category of people are an exception. You can find married woman, college students among them, all for a few thousands of rupees. Well it is not like that they are born from a poor family and that their father is a poor dry washer and their mother works at other’s home to feed them.
They are rich by birth, but many don’t have enough money for a visit to the pub or cannot find more lies to get money from their parents.
90% of the group can be easily recognized as crazy cows with cellphones of the latest model and credit cards from almost all the banks. The lone 10% are actually who can be pitied upon as they are ususally in search of a better job with good engineering degrees but fate has them there and some house wifes who try to make it up for the family budget so that they can find a place for their kids in some stupid school which asks a monthly fee equal to that of their income.
This being the major impact there are a lot more facets to this city.
One thing is the cultural differences that this city can boast of. You have people from everywhere. Andhra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Orissa, the entire north and from where not. That gives you many amazing experiences like the one we have next door. A telugu pair live next house and I had a doubt whether one or both of them is deaf. Such was the decibel level with which they used to converse. Many times we were in doubt whether they are fighting for a piece of meal.
Everyday the husband used to go out to his vehicle and she would shout from her house “evandi ekkada unnaru” and we used to mimic from her house “scooter mela unnaru”.
They were highly comical characters and we did not have a day without amusement.
The city is as such is aptly called garden city and people here take deliberate effort in keeping it so. You can find trees anywhere and everywhere and in places where there is no space people even have lawns few metres across. The city is evergreen.

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