The Hi-Fi bannarghatta road

Ask any honeywell employee how he feels coming to the office at 9.30. He would give a meaningfull glance at you and shout “To hell with you”. You might wonder what the hell had I done. But you will not realize that you have reincarnated bad memories of the person waiting patiently in a dreadful traffic filled with smoke and sand all over his face.
Let’s first see where is this horrible road in bangalore. It is the road where IIMB is apart from major companies life Honeywell, HSBC and Accenture.
5 years ago when IIMB was first inaugurated here, they used to say that it is hard to find anyone in the road but for a lone man riding his cycle. Even today the same man is present with his cycle, just that he is no more riding it, but moves it with his legs in a heavy traffic and has plans to sell if off and rather walk.
Where is a place without traffic, you might ask especially if you are from a place like chennai where you might end up going to a birthday function when you had intended to attend the marriage of the parents of the baby, but bannarghatta is something special.
First of all it has two glorious road beds on either side with full of noxious dust that has been estimated by IISc to have the power to kill anyone constantly inhaling it. If you happen to pass from one end (bileka hali) to other end (say HSBC) which is a mere 800 metres, you might not recognize yourself in a mirror. Such is the level of dust here and a few say that they don’t take breakfast as anyway they are going to get a mouthful of sand. Don’t speak and drive is the new rule here as you don’t want munching sand, do you?
The second special feature of this ill-fated road is that there are quite a few brilliant drivers on it like autos and a majority of two wheelers who climb hills on either side of the road in an attempt to reach before others and finally land up over someone’s head. It happened even today. One was hurt good enough that he is sure to be benefitted by a blood camp organized by honeywell tomorrow.
The last but certainly the most important feature of this road is that you can consider it a test bad for test driving any automobile for ruggedness. The BCC had made this happen by attempting to lay a road and ended by piling stones with red soil where now only the stones are seen smiling at the passers by and the red soil had gone for honeymoon with the rain waters. So you literally have thousands of blue granite stones lying there. Today morning a tomato vendor had a bad time, probably he had seen his own face in the mirror while waking up. He happened to move his cart over a stone and lo all his tomatoes are down in the bannarghatta road and he cannot even think about picking them up ’cause of the traffic. Poor fellow but he is not alone, We are about a 2000 odd people being harrassed and tortured beyond limits by a inanimate road.
What can one do? Honeywell it seems has contributed quite some money to the govt to lay the road but nothing has changed.
Well something has changed a bit. We get to see a lot of actions whenever we pass by but YES U COULD BE THE NEXT. So better watch out.

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