Poor IIM Prof

Today I did not have shirts washed, so I went for the HTSL white shirt that was given to us as a token of recognition for the CMMI level 5.
I also wore the marriage pant (green). I set off and it was a terrible traffic. I went to pay the electricity bill which was very low (Rs 237) and when I came

near adigas, there a person who asked me whether I was working in Honeywell. I said yes. He said he was working in IIMB, probably a prof there.
He asked for lift and I said ok. He was quite a fat person and so I had difficulty in moving my bike (there is heavy rains and the soil is loose. Rains in

May!!!). He asked me to be careful. On the turn to bannarghatta road which is just say 60 meters from where he boarded my calibre, there was a crook

turn with loose soil and water.
I tried to make it but ended up landing Mr.Prof on the watery soil and my shoes also inside it. I can remember how he was sitting plump on the soil. Poor

guy. I felt very sorry for him but had great difficulty in hiding my laughter. He was sitting there for quite some time before people gave him hands and took

him out.
Evening I was probably punished for it. Trying to surprise kayal, I went to her stop at 5.15 and started waiting for her bus. 5.30 still no signs of the bus. I

asked a nearby shop wala and he said that the bus had not yet come. I waited till 6.00 after which I made a call home. She picked up and said that the bus

had come at 5.14 probably. I though babre. Meanwhile it had started raining heavily and I had to wait till 6.20 and still no signs of rains ceasing. Finally I

gave up and went home drenched in rain.

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