This film starring vijay is expected to go well. It is a good commercial film with a good hero character, a good heroine character and also a very good villain character. Vijay is fond of playing kabadi and he is chellama called as gilli by his team mates. His father as expected opposes gilli’s kabadi intentions. The team goes for coimbatore for a semi finals. There vijay meets trisha. Actually the local don prakash raj falls in love with trisha and kills her two brothers as they oppose him. Vijay rescues her and elopes back to his home. There he hides her with the help of his sister. Vijay’s father is a policeman who is incharge of finding trisha, not knowing that she is in his home itself. Finally vijay hits prakash raj and gets trisha. The screenplay is again really good. The picturization also good inspite of a few glitches like the graphics scene where vijay showers chilli powder on the policemen. Vijay looks young and good. Trisha has done her part well. Prakash raj is a gem of an actor. When he says “Chellam, vada” to trisha his calibre is shown. Overall a good entertainer..

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