What the hell happened to director hari, or atleast to the top star Vikram. This film is a rotten one. I don’t really understand the theme that vikram will get angry if anyone speaks bad language. Is he a tamil prof or what?? No he is a good boy, who gets tremendously angry whenever he hears a hurting slang language being used.
He has a unique way of dealing with those situations. He tells “Say it again”. Is he interested in hearing it once more, you might ask. Then he tells. “See my eye and now say it again”. These are for making him really angry as he seems to be ok if the person tells it only once. so he forces him to tell it thrice (one looking at vikram’s eyes) and then he maar peets the poor guy who said it.
I am amazed. If only had vikram played a cricket match with us in our college, he would have ended up beating everyone in the field as for our guys the comma, full stop and even spaces are those wicked words of tamil language.
Too poor a performance from a top team.

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