Who said only music videos can be remixed. That is what the director has to say as he had very successfully remixed “Bhatsha”, the super dooper hit of rajnikanth. The only difference is that this time it is ‘Ajith’ who is playing the role of a hidden don.
One thing is for sure. Had there been no film like bhatsha and ‘Jana’ had come then we can consider it a pretty decent film. Now since it is a tamil remake of yet another tamil film, it fairs very poorly. The only thing is that Ajith looks a bit good in this movie. Just think how he was in ‘Red’ with a mottai and a thoppai and a colourful veti.
Sneha had probably messed up with her call sheets as she disappears like a genie, unexpectedly.
There are also a few comedy scenes like Jana’s dialogue “Thappu enga nadanthalum naan anga irupain. Adhu en thappu illai”. Wow !!! dialogue of this year.
There is nothing to discuss here as Jana is a poor xerox copy of batsha.
Rating :: 30/100

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