Ayutha Ezhuthu

One really good film from maniratnam. It also comes as Yuva in hindi starring ajay devagan in lead role. The actors in tamil are surya, maddy and siddarth (the boys tragedy). The film just portrays the lives of three young people and how they come into a common screenplay later. Maddy plays a wonderful role as adiyal. He has done a tremendous job and can be considered on par with many good actors of tamil industry. Even in a single shot he does not remind of our sweet, handsome maddy but becomes one with the character. Surya is also excellent and his hyper active role reminds us of karthik in ‘Mouna ragam’. Siddarth has nothing to do expect play the role of a young boy in love. Barathiraja has done the role of a politician and has done really well. His emotinal face sets the screen ablaze whenever he comes. His dialogues are well crafted. For eg in a meeting he says. “Have u even noticed the map of india. It is narrow in south and widened in north. Do u think it is because of geography. No. It is because we have been cheated” The story goes like this. Maddy is an adiyal who kills his brother and wants to become a great politician. In the process he has to kill Surya too as surya is a active student who makes villagers understand things and asks one of them to contest in elections. Maddy shoots surya, but surya is helped by siddarth to whom surya had given a lift in his bike. Surya stands in elections along with siddarth and a few others opposite barathiraja’s party and wins. The film tries to make us aware that politics must be treated as a profession by young people to change India. The screenplay is superb with the story revolving around maddy and his wife (meera jasmine in a good role). Surya’s girl is isha deal who has a great role of sitting in the bike with surya. Same is the case for trisha who comes as the heatthrob of siddarth and all she does is walk a few feets and board a train. The film is a class work from Mani Ratnam and a must see. Rating :: 70/100

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