Sema Ragalai

Like many sathyaraj films this one too is just a time pass. It has absolutely no logic or story. In this film also sathyaraj portrays a character who wants to go to foreign country. (even after getting a bad experience in anna nagar muthal theru). He has a friend mani, who does for better that other casts. Some of the scenes are laugable because of this person.
The film named aptly is sema ragalai from the start till end.
Sathyaraj kidnaps devayani (of all girls why devayani), mistaking her for his friend’s lover and for want of money to go urine (sorry foreign). Devayani actually is chased by two rowdies for obvious reasons. Sathyaraj as per the kidnap law section 143, not only saves and feeds the kidnapped person but also loves her.
She also loves him but sathyaraj feels that since mani is in love, he should not love devayani.
All of a sudden sathyaraj gets a 6th sense power when stuck by a lighting (These scenes are done by experts. Don’t try it at home or else u will be burned by the lighting). Now satyaraj can hear what others think. But the film does not use it to good comedy either.
In another accident satyaraj becomes devoid of the power. In many cases satyaraj narrates the story rather than acting it. Like he says “Lighting la vanthathu accident la poiduchi.” These are probably for the innocent tamil movie watchers to understand the movie.
Finally the obvious happens.
Rating :: 40/100, that too for the character mani.

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