I love reading books and have been aided by numerous others in the internet on what could be a good book . It is only fair that I on my part provide some info on the books that I have read and aid (if any) who comes looking for them

Sapiens is easily one of the top 10 books that I would recommend. It might even be one of the top 5. When I think about it, there is no one single reason why I would recommend it but on the whole it is one entertaining package. I think spoilers are valid for books as well but this was the first time I knew for a fact that several species under our genus “Homo” were co-existing at the same time. The nice monkey to man diagram that you are used to is not only wrong but is unfair, for example, to the neanderthals who lived along with us, with bigger brains, buried their dead and took care of their elderly. Or take the interesting thought that it is wheat that domesticated us, instead of we humans domesticating the wheat.

This is not your regular boring history book – this is a brilliantly written book which gets even the worst history-hating homo sapiens to sit upright with some nice story telling. Yuval Noah Harari the author has done an amazing job of pulling together major instances of the human origin story and stitched a nice narrative. As usual there is a good chance that you might feel a particular topic or region is missing which should have been there. This is also available as audiobook in audible.

My rating: 9.5/10 => MUST READ