If you have ever read my previous posts on religious views, you would know how strongly I am opposed to religion and religious practices (religion not god) and when a film comes by which portrays exactly the principles inside you, what is there to not like. The film was the need of the hour with lots of violence happening in the name of religion. The best dialogue in the movie comes at the end “People are not god-loving, they are god-fearing”. How true. How many of us think God as a friend. Often the portrayal is of a master-slave relationship.

From my school days the thing that would bother me the most was the repeated preaching in church as to who would go to heaven. I could’t accept the point that only those who have accepted Christ will get the gate-pass to heaven. It was hard to imagine god as an egoistic cruel person who would push my beloved hindu neighbors in fire just because they were non-christians.

Coming back to the film, it has been nicely done, good dialogues, not too long or boring, very well acted and makes you laugh out loud more than once. What an amazing place this world would be if only people understand and follow the points in the movie. A bold film and gets my full praises…

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