The Journey called Life

What is the most entertaining and enthralling part of a roller coaster ride. Well it is the ride itself. Not the destination (which is anyway the same place you started). Ask Columbus why he undertook four risky voyages where he could have died or what is somebody gave him an option of revealing the result of those voyages before he started. He would have laughed at you and said that what mattered were the voyages themselves, not anything before or after that. Same with mountaineers. After they reach a summit they start looking for the next peak to scale. They never feel satisfied with the current achievement.

See a tense cricket match, chasing with a required run rate of more than 10 (like CSKs). Once the match is won what you get is only relief and not the excitement or tense happiness when you journeyed to reach the target.Life is life that. People who have achieved their targets are boring people bragging about what they have done. Instead look at people who are always on a journey. They are intense, active and¬†full of vigor. Arise, Awake and Stop not till your goal is reached and WHEN your goal is reached make a new goal and again Arise and Awake and Stop not till that is also reached and you continue so on and so forth.I have seen numerous people who are fed up with their fight, fight to achieve success in life, fight to finish their studies, fight to settle in life (whatever that means). But they need to realize that it is the fight that keeps them going, that gives a purpose in life and a goal. Once the fight is over, there is nothing else to do. They say I will be happy after I do this. After I settle down in life, I will be happy. But it is the journey that you take to achieve that matters. Once you settle down, don’t settle, become unsettled and start again.

When I hit the highways to go to Pondicherry from Bangalore I get super excited. Even after so many years of driving up and down, I still feel like a child when I start the engine of the car. But once I reach the destination, there is only a relief of having reached safely, no huge burst of happiness. We need to learn to keep our life’s journey like that. Always on, doing something new, learning something different, fighting for a cause,keeping ourselves updated, providing a surprise help to someone in need, whatever it takes but the journey should be on because as some great person has once said “Satisfaction is only in efforts and not in attainment. Hence efforts are success and efforts are victory”

So on and on, let us make new journeys and new destinations till our final destination beckons…

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