Tata Nano – History is made

It has not been often that I follow a news for long with such unadulterated passion. The 1 lakh car has been one of them. I had read every conceivable article, magazine reports, rumors and predictions of the car, including the parts that will be outsourced and to whom and the innovations required to meet the cost factor.

Meanwhile there had been a lot of setbacks for Ratan and his team including the protests by farmers, mockery style statements issued from competitors questioning the mere possibility of it and almost everyone jumping in to say that 1 Lakh price target atleast is difficult to meet.

Another group which were social conscious folks started a separate activity on the effect it could cause to the traffic and pollution levels to India

Ratan and his team went on without paying any heed to all this and they achieved the impossible. Kudos to them.

And today when I saw it live, Ratan driving the car in stage I felt speechless. It is a moment of honor to every Indian and a historic event which the world will look back many times in future.

    * Now the car is indeed available at 1 Lakh dealer price (+VAT + Road Tax) still will take it not more than 1.25L. Ratan kept to his promise
    * It is less polluting than even the 2 wheelers so all the critics from that department can RIP
    * It will take 4 people in a space lesser than M800 and I don’t think it is going to clog the traffic. Isn’t it better than a couple with their kids traveling on a bike in rain.
    * It has mileage of 20+ and so is not a gas guzzler. Anyone claiming that this will lead to pollution better check that their car might not even give half to a litre of petrol
    * It has Bharat Stage III and Euro IV safety norms and it has passed all safety tests including Crash tests. As Ratan put it “It is definitely safer than a bike”. It is and it might be safer than M800 and Omni for sure
    * The car is damn cute in design
    * It has wonderful beige interiors
    * It is lesser in outer area (8% less than M800) and 21% spacious inside. Isn’t that a masterpiece in innovation

Above all, consider a middle class Indian family. Before this their dream of a car could have been only a dream. One Man has thought it was possible and he had showed it to the world. Now his dream has made million dreams become reality.

Kudos to Mr. Ratan Tata. We are proud of you.

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