Chandrasekhar – Maths Tutition

In short, he was the reason behind my 200/200 in Maths in the Matriculation Examination. He is one of those hard working teachers who teach not for the sake of money, but because they love to do so. Many ‘elite’ students did not prefer his method of teaching. They always felt that he was too slow and that he was not keeping pace with their ability to understand things.

But the simple fact was that, he was teaching with the concept of repitition and it does work wonders. The ‘elite’ students can very well finish off the problems in half the time in takes Mr.Chandrasekhar to teach them, but if they did listen to him, they would have learnt the art of storing in permanant memory rather that their volatile memory. He would teach us again and again till his voice breaks and he is no more able to speak – such a dedicated teacher and there were many who didn’t even pay him their tution fees.

I met him and he was just overjoyed when he learnt that I got Centum, the pride shown in his face. But I for various reasons didn’t continue with him for my Higher secondary maths (in fact I didn’t attend any tuttions at all) and now I doubt whether he would even recognize me. I heard he is having some trouble and there are rumours that he has asthma. Still I don’t understand how people are able to smile saying that he is ill. But I can say only this – He will be remembered by at least this student of his.

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