Just cannot understand

I don’t know why a match of cricket should affect me so much as it does. I have wowed a lot of times not to be disturbed by it but neverthless feel extremely dissapointed whenever our Team India loses and they did so often a few months back.

Things were really good after Dravid took over, but till this happened. The 3rd test match between India and Pakistan and the first day I turned on the T.V to see Pakistan reeling at 13/4 and I told my wife “See these pakistanis were playing it safe for the first 2 tests and now they are not able to play against india once the pitch becomes favorouble to bowling”

But what followed was a total dismal performance from India. Pakistan made 250+ and we made 7 short, not even one of the batsmen making it to 50. The pakistani 2nd innings saw a world record. For the first time in 1800+ tests all 7 batsmen have scored 50+. We were set a target for 606 and we are crumbling right now with only 1 of our batsmen reaching 50+.

What a show? Well just wait. See how the Indians are going to bounce back in the ODIs. Hmm.. How stupid can a cricket lover in India become?

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