Yet another Vijay film. But there is one thing surprising about him. He manages to create an interest in his films even though there is nothing much that changes between films except the heroines. Asin replaces Trisha for the ‘Kuthu’ dances and comedy. She has done very well., especially in the latter. There is quite some ‘Mother & Sister’ Sentiments, more so in the second half of the film.

But the film has many positives. For one thing there is a lot of comedy and it is like a happy-go-watch film. But you will have to bear with some sentimental touch. It also is a kind of comdy-revenge film and you will laugh for your money’s worth. Another family entertainer from Vijay and will be a hit equal to ‘Gilli’. In fact it is Perarasu who has directed the film and he has written some songs too like ‘Vadumanga uroothungo’. ‘Thayikku inga Maru vezhama’ is another sad melody that will be popular.

Story: Nothing much. Vijay is a rowdy orphan or that is what he says to everyone. Asin is a daughter of a rich dad   They fall in love. In a misunderstanding between them, Asin says that you got to have family to know about love and then says Vijay ‘I am no orphan. I have a family’ and so on.. It is Vijay who makes the feeble story line stand tall and no doubt that the entire screenplay is tailor made for him. But he does very well.

Rating :: 66/100

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