Canon Powershot S2 IS

Who would in his right mind buy another digicam even before the first he bought had not celebrated a birthday. I did.

Canon S2 IS
When I was sent to US on my first trip aboard, I made up my mind to get the Canon Powershot S2 IS. It is an awesome camera. It has 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom. Wow and I couldn’t resist. This time my wife was a bit sceptical but she knows me well. So it was a unanimous decision and I got the beauty

Canon S2 IS back
* It has 12x Optical Zoom and what makes it special is that the lens is Image Stabilized and so you can get crisp pictures in 12x
* It is a combo and acts like a Camcorder too taking wonderful movies (not the crappy ones like the other digicams). It has stereo sound recorded for movies. Captures them in 30 frames per second (fluid) and you can use the 12x Zoom in movies with Stabilization. It even has wind noise reducer. Cool !!
* It has Super Macro Mode which allows you to take photos of items as close as possible
* It has a great LCD which you can twist and turn to suit overhead and difficult angled shots. It also closes protecting the LCD (see image below)
* Great Build Quality. Takes AA batteries and normal SD cards (unlike the Sony and Fuji)


450$ (with Camera Bag and 1 GB Ultra II SD card) from Bestbuy Store

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