Canon Powershot A510

My hunt for a good digital camera started way long back when Canon were having A75 models. I think that should be in 2004. I fell for Canon Powershot S1 IS, a model with 10x Optical Zoom and some great features, but since it was way too costly (was retailing for 40k in India) it was out of my reach and I settled for the entry level A series. Even then I could not make myself believe that it is worth buying a Camera for over 10k. I was waiting for my friend to travel to US to get the same. But unfortunately it did not work out and I was not going to wait any longer. My wife also encouraged me to go ahead and get it.

Canon A510

So finally on a rainy day I went to GK Vale in Jaynagar to get the camera that I was longing for years. It is still with me and is truly a wonderful camera and Canon have not let their A series down. They keep improving it.

The A series have some wonderful attributes

* They are powered by 2 AA rechargeable batteries which last long, are easily replaceable and cost far less than propertary batteries.
* They have good zoom for a small camera. Mine is 4X. By zoom I mean and will only mean ‘Optical Zoom’
* The latest models have Image Stabilization so that you do have lesser shaked-up images. I recommended A570 IS to my colleague and he is happy with it
* They are not too small or bulky but the right size that is comfortable to use
* They have a ton of manual features including manual focus, white balance, shutter priority, aperture priority etc
* They give nicely exposed photos.
* They are very cheap, but of great quality. You can even get them for 100$ [as on this review date]
canon A510 Back
I would highly recommend a Canon A series camera as your first digicam.


15k (with Camera Bag, AA rechargeable batties + Charger + 256MB SD Card) from GK Vale Jaynagar Store

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