India Tour

The Dream
I don’t know when the inception of this idea happened but I had this crazy notion of “Touring all the states and union territories of India”. Since I was more of a ‘car’ person than a ‘bike’ person, I wanted to do it as much as possible on car. I have marked the places that I intend to visit in ‘Green’ and the ones already been to as ‘Orange’. The idea is to color entire India orange (my XUV’s color) as and when I cover places 🙂

The Beast
Such a dream needed a safe and comfortable highway cruiser since I wanted to drive to most of them. The moment XUV was launched I knew it was a perfect match to this crazy dream – sturdy, spacious, 6 airbags, all disk brakes, ABS, ESP, 70 litres fuel tank capacity, road presence and a brilliant engine too. Finally got my hands on the W10 AT top of the line model and the dream which was in hiatus suddenly sprang back to life

The Trips
Covering entire India can’t happen over just a few trips. I don’t know how many it is going to take but as and when it happens I will keep this section updated. It also includes some day trips marked as [DT]

  1. Yercaud [Nov 2016].
  2. Yellagiri and Pondicherry [Dec 2016].
  3. Rameshwaram and Madurai [Jun 2017].
  4. Belur, Halebeedu and Chikmagaluru [Jul 2017].
  5. Wayanad [Sep 2017].
  6. Tanjavur and Velankanni [Dec 2017].
  7. Mysore [DT] [Nov 2017].
  8. Lepakshi [DT] [Jan 2018].
  9. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple [DT] [Jan 2018].
  10. Coimbatore [Feb 2018].
  11. Ooty [Mar 2018].
  12. Coorg [May 2018].
  13. Tirupathi [Feb 2019].
  14. Sikkim & Darjeeling [Apr 2019].
  15. Isha Yoga [Jul 2019].
  16. Hampi [Jul 2019].
  17. Trichy & Srirangam [Aug 2019].
  18. Gooty Fort, Belum Caves & Gantikota [Aug 2019].
  19. Muthathi, Sangama & Mekedatu [Oct 2019].
  20. Ramnagara, Srirangapatna, Somnathpur & Shivanasamudra Falls [Oct 2019].
  21. Shravanabelagola & Melkote [Oct 2019].

Bangalore Nearby Tourist Attractions Map
They are categorized as ‘Temple/Archeological places’, ‘Water bodies – like rivers, lake’ and ‘Mountains/Treks’. As usual ‘Orange’ – the XUV color are the visited places.