P, NP, NP Complete, NP Hard – OMG

OK, so you want to learn about this no matter the price you have to pay 🙂 Then have some patience and read through the text. It could take some time to understand but it will happen. Let’s say this field is a marriage between classic mathematics and theoritical computer science. What is it and Why […]

What do we teach our kids 

Today morning near BTM, there was this school bus full of children. It was behind me and near the A2B stop the signal turned red. I stopped but was almost hit from behind by this bus. Not only that, the driver started honking trying to push me to skip the signal. I didn’t budge and […]

The Society

You must have heard people say this at least a hundred times. What will society say? People are talking very bad about you. People are questioning your behavior. How will I ever show my face now? In bible there is a story. There was a prostitute and the people (society) felt that she should be stoned […]