After the success of kadhal for Sandhya and Ram for Jeeva, the two have rocked another hit in Dishoom. Jeeva is a stunt man and an orphan. Sandhya accidentally comes in his life. She becomes a good friend and understands his profession, even recommends that he get married. Jeeva likes the care Sandhya takes and […]


A sentimental film. Jothika is June.R, because she is an orphan and was found in the month of June and because one day while at a Cathedral she was so upset by other kids calling her an orphan, that the Sister (read Nun) there said that she was the daughter of Rose. Jyothika is in […]


From the director of ‘Samy’ Starring any-role-suits-him ‘Surya’ Aaru is a local-gansters-of-chennai film. But with the crisp touch of the director and excellent dialogues it becomes a good entertainer. In fact it keeps you on it grips from the start till end. No sloppy works done to slow the pace down. Surya is a ‘adiyal’ […]


Yet another Vijay film. But there is one thing surprising about him. He manages to create an interest in his films even though there is nothing much that changes between films except the heroines. Asin replaces Trisha for the ‘Kuthu’ dances and comedy. She has done very well., especially in the latter. There is quite […]