Monthly Archives: April 2006

First Flight

I hope everyone of you remember the first time you were on board a flight or atleast expect the day when it will happen. I was expecting and when my company arranged for a goa tour, I thought that would be the day. But eventually they dropped the flight idea and instead took it by road and we had to drop the tour idea itself. Then it happen that it is our company’s process that all who join our team (development) are required to have their VISA ready. So they had booked my interview at the US consulate, Chennai. I thought it would be by train, but then they confirmed my flight tickets and I was anxious to see how a flight travel would be.

While at honeywell, I had worked on a testing module for an aircraft engine and to some extent in a design for another. But I had never seen an aircraft closer than when it flies on top of our house. So the day came and off I went to Bangalore Airport. I was fortunate to have a friend travelling with me who had gone abroad several times. When I met the first queue I was like ‘Common man, why a queue here too. I thought we had the tickets with us’. But then my friend clarified that it was a boarding pass and is a must. He got me a window seat

Then we had to wait close to 40 mins before the security check began. I thought I would be on board the plane soon, but they asked us to wait in yet another place. Another 30 mins went by and there was a message in a TV screen (the worst GUI I had ever seen, even we did better in our Graphics project back at college) that the flight was delayed by 30 mins.

Ok I thought, may be just my luck. Then finally there was yet another queue that took us close to the flight’s door, where another queue was waiting to board it. The moment I entered the flight I was shocked. What the ****? It was worse than a town bus. C’mon you cannot have mosquitoes  flying everywhere inside an aircraft. And worse the seats were so close that I had no room to keep my legs. The seat cover was of absolutely low quality and dirty too. Now, the bus that I travel from Pondicherry to Bangalore is certainly much better.

Then I turned to my friend and reported my complaints. He smiled and said that once he had to travel 20 hrs on a similar flight, but there are many other flights that were far better. Then they taxied it to the runway and it took off – just a slight G force and they it took the arc and when it had attained the altitute became steady (familiarity of terms due to a year at honeywell). But before I realized I was at chennai.

The Chennai airport and the return flight was way better and finally I was proud for having travelled in a flight. Also being evening I was able to enjoy the clouds (amazing) and the landscape under. But pity that I did not get the window seat, and the feeling worsened when the person who got it just did not look out of the window and kept on reading some newspaper till we reached bangalore. I managed to peep through the window. First the person mistook that I was trying to read his newspaper but later he understood my intention and even moved slightly backwards to aid my view.

My wife almost fell down laughing when I explained my journey. My first flight and I am not going to forget it easily.