Monthly Archives: May 2010

3 Idiots

The film is fun and made me laugh aloud a lot of times with its excellent comedy. The songs are amazing. My favorite was ‘Behete Hawa..’ but who can stop singing ‘All izz Well’. Aamir and co have acted well. Aamir does justice to a college going student look. The social message is good and Aamir should be praised for the way he handles such subjects. A strong message in a beautifully sugar coated movie.
The film is not without its share of, shall we call it cinematic loopholes. I don’t understand what is a professor to do if his students piss on his doors – congratulate them? And that baby responding to ‘all izz well’ is a bit too much to take. Finally why do heroes end up in someone else’s marriage to get their girl. Why not propose and close it when she was with him, instead of playing with someone else’s life. Did they ever give a thought to the boy who was to marry her – even though he is a gada. Many movies had this ending and I lost count of them now – Dil chahta hai, Jab we met.. the list goes on and now 3 idiots. Guys marrying beautiful girls, beware – she could be someone else’s heroine. Nothing is for sure till the knot is tied.

Coming back to the film, ALL IZZ WELL in 3 Idiots, a must watch movie and keep it as a collection for those stress buster sessions.

The King

Anand was once again crowned the King of Chess but not before having to fight a challenging Topalov till the end (12 round that too with Black pieces). The win was sweet considering that Anand had to travel on road for more than 2 days (because of volcanic ash the flights got canceled). Hail the king !!

Moving to Blogger

In the turn of events my earlier blog engine ‘Tabulas’ had to be shut down. I had to find a new host and ended up with blogger. The only problem is that while Tabulas allowed me to have my private diary (private posts) as part of my blog, here I might end up with another blog just for that (not very nice). Hopefully it will be added to blogger at some point of time. I am moving all my public posts for now especially the popular ‘Expense Organizer’ and ‘Tax Planner’ tools.