August 2005


Stocks – Lesson 1

hat better time to talk of shares than now with the Sensex hitting all time high and the bulls are having fun at the Dalal Street.This...


Ponniyin Selvan

Producer AM Rathnam should be praised for choosing an apt movie for his son that does not highlight the weaknesses of Ravi Krishna. ‘Radha mohan’ who...


Chandrasekhar – Maths Tutition

In short, he was the reason behind my 200/200 in Maths in the Matriculation Examination. He is one of those hard working teachers who teach not...


Christianity and Christians

Kamal hassan came up with a brilliant and beautiful film called ‘Anbe Shivam’. The film conveys a simple message – ‘Love is God’. We are brought...

  • August 9, 2005
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