Monthly Archives: October 2008

Anand Wins the World Chess Championship Title

I am not sure what percentage were following this and were happier to know this compared to the ongoing India-Australia series and the double hundreds from Gambhir and Laxman. I love cricket but that does not take away from me the fact that Chess is close to my heart as well and no matter, everyone has to agree that this is the only Sport/Game where we are the number 1, thanks to Anand.

Congrats Vishy

Another San Diego Trip

So when was my last public post, let me see – hmm when I was in San Diego. Do I get more time when I am not in India and actually amidst all the pressure.

Btw, the trips don’t mean much to me except that I have lost the following, My daugter’s birthday, My wife’s birthday, My own birthday, Diwali (festival of lights), My best friend’s sister’s marriage and now another good old friend’s marriage. Things that I can’t think of replacing ever in future. Sigh..

Lamenting aside, I am sort of used to these trips now, more practical in my approach and well prepared if you can call that. I have got three books with me to finish. I will be in Korea in another couple of weeks. Will write about it too..