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Sehwag – The Machine The Man

In the ongoing India-Srilanka-New Zealand, India won their second match comfortably after losing by 200 runs in their first. They got the bonus point as well. The only sour point was that Sehwag who batted brilliantly ( and patiently) was cunningly denied a century by the Sri lankans when Randiv deliberately bowled a no ball. Sehwag hit that to 6 but according to ICC rules the match ends when no-ball is called and hence he was left behind at 99. Post match he was inquired about it and I thought he would mock saying anyway he hit it to 6 (At that time he thought he reached his 100 and celebrated it as well). But what he said was “Any bowler will try to bowl a no-ball or a wide when someone is on 99. “It happens in cricket, because nobody allows a batter to score a hundred against them.” Fair enough!” What a true sports-man-ship and legend.

 But the Srilankans who had enjoyed a nice relationship with India on field behaved so badly. Muralidharan had a honor done by Indians when he came to bat his last test innings. When he reached 700 almost all indians congratulated him. Now this kind of childish behavior is not at all good. Why deny a hard earned century from a man who rightly deserved it. It felt like they stole a rupee from a rich man who had many hundreds with him. Silly srilankans

The Marathon Match @ Wimbledon

We casually browsed to see if Federer is up to another fight and what do we see.. an 8 hour long game with 40 all. Not the deuce, 40 games each between 23rd seeded Isner and Mahut. They had continued after bad weather stopped play the previous day with 2 sets each. And as we looked on the 5th set went for a long time before it closed at (can you imagine)  59 all due to bad weather again. The next day they went on to play till Isner won it at 70-68. Amazing match and we watched it live online during the end.

The King

Anand was once again crowned the King of Chess but not before having to fight a challenging Topalov till the end (12 round that too with Black pieces). The win was sweet considering that Anand had to travel on road for more than 2 days (because of volcanic ash the flights got canceled). Hail the king !!


Indian cricket fans should have one quality, endurance of pain, the pain of being so near, of almost winning. But among the pains of yesterday when India lost, something else was there to cheer about, a man dedicated to cricket. The devotion that this single man has shown in his life to this sport is amazing to say the least. After a wave of questions of retirement who everyone from my neighbour to the cricketing critics has been throwing at him, yesterday he showed why, he is the BEST.

The little master at the age of 36 single handedly carried on an assault against the aussies and almost won it for India, well almost..

P.S: Btw, he crossed 17k runs the first to do so and as a commentator pointed out he has been the first right from 10k runs.. And for those who says that he plays for record, you should have seen him when he stepped to get the man of the match award, the sadness said it all. I will watch again the many matches that he is part of, may be with a broken heart at the end but only to see if the master attempted it again…

History in the Making

I am watching in joy as Federer is inching towards that famous French win which was eluding him for so long… Will update after seeing him raise the cup.

Yeah.. there it is, after losing 3 finals to Nadal. I am a big Federer fan, but I have a feeling that it would have been extremely difficult if Nadal had played again (though Federer bet him in at his own den recently). All thanks to Solderling for ousting Nadal.

Wii @ E3

Nintendo did have some surprises for Wii in the annual E3 expo on June 2nd 2009. The announcements of interest are

    * Wii Sports Resort will ship in June (was actually announced on E3 2008)
    * Wii Vitality Sensor (attachment to Wiimote that can sense your pulses)
    * Wii Fit Plus (Sequel to Wii Fit – an exercise + game to keep you healthy)
    * Super Mario Galaxy 2 (a sequel to the great SMG)
    * New Super Mario Bros. Wii (3D multiplayer adventure of the classis 2D)
    * Metroid: The other M (The next metroid)
    * A new Zelda (not before 2010)

So it was a good E3 from Nintendo at least for me and am happy about things are going for the Wii.


I have always been a fan of quality flash games (apart from being a fan of PC games and that too apart from my regular duty of being fan of Wii games). When I first checked this one out, I was like ‘May not be worth it..’ and boy was I wrong. The game kept me busy for quite some time, each time someone interrupting me and killing my progress (of course at home). There is no save option unlike other games and hence it took me longer than usual to beat it. It became addictive and fun. You can play it without any annoying ads in my other site (meant to be for games in the long run).

Now there is that Gem Craft to be won… Sigh so many games so little time.

Anand Wins the World Chess Championship Title

I am not sure what percentage were following this and were happier to know this compared to the ongoing India-Australia series and the double hundreds from Gambhir and Laxman. I love cricket but that does not take away from me the fact that Chess is close to my heart as well and no matter, everyone has to agree that this is the only Sport/Game where we are the number 1, thanks to Anand.

Congrats Vishy

India Victorious

At the end of the a tour which had a lot of drama, controversies, hatred and some excellent Cricket, India came out champions in the One day Series (India – Australia – Srilanka) and won the first two finals. It was dramatic and an extremely nervous end (Australian run chase).

I watched the last 8 overs live and it was a nail biting finish. But then Indians pulled it off and have sent a strong message to the Australians. Tendulkar helped the cause with his 42nd hundred and may be his 32nd nineties. Ishant Sharma did exceedingly well and I saw the overs he bowled to Ponting in the test matches that saw him shape in to a great performer. Gautam Ghambir also did very well in the ODIs.

But we need to thank the two captains more than anyone else. Kumble amidst the worst umpiring decisions and a probable ban on Harbajan, held his nerve to lead the team to victory in the Third Test, stopping Australia’s 17th win in a row.

Dhoni, was all composed as he set off to create a upset series win, killing the lion in its den. This tour will be remembered by all cricket fans, well atleast till they die.


After a looooooong time, atleast 5 years, I happened to play a proper cricket match (at Broadcom). I was waiting eagerly for the match for a week atleast and then the day came. It was Saturday, 15th of July. My wife did encourage me to play well though she actually preferred me staying back and taking care of Smitha (who was not feeling well) as she had exam duty on that day. But I ended up at the venue (Koramangala : St. John’s Medical college ground). I was apprehensive and so took to practice bowling. I then got the confidence that it was still there in me.

The match started and we won the toss and elected to bat. Our team did well to post 80 plus in the alloted 15 overs.  I did not get to bat, and so could not figure out how I would have ended up had I got a chance. When it was our turn to bowl, the worst happened. I got the first over to bowl, the team confident in me. The first two deliveries were no-balls and the third was way too short. I had images of Zaheer khan in the world cup, but I did not stupidly stare back at the batsman like zaheer did as if the no-ball was his mistake. I came for the third over and in the 12 balls I bowled I went for 10 runs, including a four. To be frank I bowled 15 balls in all including 2 no balls and 1 wide.

I was totally upset, and took to keeping wickets. Then something funny happened. I felt like I was back to the old times. I felt much better and more energetic and was ready to try my best. But our team was way into trouble by the end of 8th over and only a miracle could have helped us.

Eventually we lost, in the first ball of the 12th over itself and there was no much dissapointment as it was nowhere a close finish.

After the match, had anyone interviewed me, I might have ended up with some foolish statements like “I bowled well during our practice session” (Azhar did say that he played well in the nets) or “I was the captain during my college days” (Ganguly speaking of his past glory). Luckily it did not happen.

I was waiting for some muscle pulls and body aches the next day, but apart from minor discomforts I was pretty much ok. That was a great moral boost to me, the fact that I am still fit for a rugged cricket match !!