Wii @ E3

Nintendo did have some surprises for Wii in the annual E3 expo on June 2nd 2009. The announcements of interest are

    * Wii Sports Resort will ship in June (was actually announced on E3 2008)
    * Wii Vitality Sensor (attachment to Wiimote that can sense your pulses)
    * Wii Fit Plus (Sequel to Wii Fit – an exercise + game to keep you healthy)
    * Super Mario Galaxy 2 (a sequel to the great SMG)
    * New Super Mario Bros. Wii (3D multiplayer adventure of the classis 2D)
    * Metroid: The other M (The next metroid)
    * A new Zelda (not before 2010)

So it was a good E3 from Nintendo at least for me and am happy about things are going for the Wii.

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