Monthly Archives: January 2007

Veyil – a good movie

Produced by:Director Shankar, That is how it is displayed in the title and somehow I get the feeling that Shankar might after all be a very good producer than a director. His films, Kadhal, 23rd Pulikesi and now Veyil have done extremely well. His ‘S’ Productions which started off with Mudhalvan might have collected more in % income from the low budget films.

Coming to Veyil, Pasupathi is growing stronger in his performance with each film and Veyil is no exception. Same goes true for bharath as well and no doubt he is the preferred hero for ‘S’ productions budget films. The story revolves around two brothers and how each one faces life, or how life throws them apart. A very good movie and if you ok with a few sentiments then you can have a go. But if you are fond of strong characterizations and look forward to films like Kadhal then it is a must watch.

Surprisingly the songs have come out very well. I was surprised to see very good photography too. ‘Veyilodu vilayadi…’ and ‘Uruguthae, Maruguthae…’ are excellent songs.

I loved the film. Hope you will too

SKR = 65/100