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My Tech BEAST – The Dell Inspiron 5548

Dell has been a faithful brand, serving us with 10+ Years between our two laptops. The first was a Inspiron 1525 with Core 2 Duo + 2 GB RAM (2009) and the next was a sexier Inspiron N4010 Core i3 + 4 GB RAM (2011). I am using the 1525 and was feeling it aging gracefully. My daughter and brother-in-law seem to have taken a liking to it and I was wondering if I should get a new laptop.

In comes Inspiron again

After being such a loyal Inspiron guy, no other laptop (other than the new Mac Book) could pull me towards it. Only the Mac will restrict me from all my extra curricular endeavors.

On the lookout for a laptop I wanted to get the best config. Let’s see where I am

Processor: Core i7Broadwell – 2.7 GHz (upto 3 GHz)

RAM: 16 GB DDR3 1600MHz

Display: Touch, Full HD, IPS, 15.6 inches

Graphics: AMD Radeon with 4 GB DDR3 Cache

Hard Disk: 1 TB, Hybrid (8 GB Cache)

Keyboard: Backlit

Rest: HD webcam, Bluetooth 4, Latest WiFi, USB 3.0 and stuff

Looking forward to meeting and having a long time relationship with this beast. The model was not available locally at all (no 16 GB version – only 8 GB possible). Dell had only one model 87000 upwards here. Thanks to my colleagues who travel to US this month, I am getting my hand on one of this. Two more have bought this laptop on my recommendation. Here is hoping that they get to use it to its full potential 🙂

Cost (bought in US): 56000