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Jumbo Circus

Going to a circus has become a rare event. The last time a Circus team came to bangalore was in 2008 and prior to that in 1999. Even I haven’t been to one since I was a child. So when the chance came for us to visit it close to our home, I wanted to make sure that we didn’t miss it. My daughter was also very interested and so were her cousins on vacation visit. The tickets were priced at 100, 200 and 300. I wanted to encourage the team by buing the 300 Rs tickets but didn’t know what the difference would be. In the end went to the 100 Rs section and it was actually better considering most acts were aerial.

It was a stellar performance. They had among others, people from patna, assam, calcutta, nepal and a team from south africa too. The started right on time (7 PM) and went on for more than 2 hrs. Worth every rupee paid for it. The acts were themselves too good. Even the jokers (clowns) did an awesome job and actually made the crowd laugh aloud. But a major difference from the circus that we were used to in our childhood days (pre 1990) was the complete lack of animals (may be due to animal rights and all). Few dogs (1 act), 2 camels and 1 horse (not in any act) were the only animals. No lion or elephant acts. They are there till May 9th. Must visit in my opinion.

Spoiler alert !! – Some photos and info on few acts.

The stage
There was a live music band too
The aerial catch act
The balancing the ladder act
The south african team did 2-3 amazing acts
There was a girl who played something like basketball with her feet
The juggler who did an amazing juggling with his mouth too