Monthly Archives: January 2010

Aayirathil Oruvan

It was the interval and munching some pop corns I was thinking that this film is the best attempted in Tamil Cinema to match a world class quality in action and adventure and also one of the finest films I have seen and there could be nothing in the second half that can take this away from such a superb film – unfortunately, I was wrong.

The film starts off and never once misses its pace for the entire long first half. That is a credible thing. Most of the people would be amazed by the attention to detail, the grandeur and will be even trying to see if they are dreaming and is it indeed a tamil film that they are watching. The song “Un mela aasathan” adds to this and makes you want to cry in happiness. Had the film ended at the half way I feel it would have been a slight disappointment but one that would have been far better than having to sit through the second half and the climax. One word of caution – it is a ‘A’ rated film and is at the extreme end of it. Free flowing rough language, a higher overtone of sex and violence/blood to good amount. No faint hearted people please and see if you can leave out your children.

What starts off as a adventure film at its core becomes a drama and much more, a tradegy towards the end. I will not open up any spoilers here but I feel so sad for Selvaraghavan and what he could have achieved with a different screenplay in the second half. But though the screenplay lets you down, the grandeur and the attention to detail is still there.

But at the end of the day, you feel cheated as a child who was given the most amazing lollipop he had ever tasted but found that after having eaten half, it becomes bitter and you are forced to eat it till the end.