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Dhavamai Dhavamirunthu

If you know Cheran and the films that he had directed like ‘Autograph’, ‘Porkaalam’ you know what to expect from this film. The film has a very strong message and the story and film revolves around it. It is to highlight the sacrifices our parents make to bring us up and how many of them suffer their entire life with just the hope that their children will one day come good and take care of them.
It is about a father and two sons. The father (has a own press and struggles to make ends meet. Still he does the best for his sons. He wants them to study well and so carries them in a bi-cycle to a far off school, then spends the rest of the day (and sometimes night too) in his press constantly working without any break. The father pays a high donation to get a job for the elder son and he even gets him married. But eventually the elder son leaves his father and goes with his wife. The younger son falls in love, and they become intimate which eventually results in his lover becoming pregnant. To support her, he too leaves his father. The father is left out with a broken heart and a rich debt.
The younger son however repents, comes back and then goes on to become successful in life and takes care of his parents till their end.

Rajkiran does the father’s role. He is simple IMPRESSIVE. It is quite rare to see such performance in tamil movies. He has lived his role. Cheran comes as the younger son and though has acted quite well (Someone teach him how to cry) is nowhere near Rajkiran. Charanya is Rajkiran’s wife and she too does her role very well. But I personally liked the role of elder son’s wife. The way she fumes with jealousy inside Cheran’s new house is a touch of class and when Rajkiran and co come to her house she welcomes them with such a rigid face.

The film was a pleasant surprise. Having seen all the masala films this was a great experience. If you are not reminded of your parents and leave you with a sense of duty towards them, there is something wrong with you.

Well done Cheran.


A sentimental film. Jothika is June.R, because she is an orphan and was found in the month of June and because one day while at a Cathedral she was so upset by other kids calling her an orphan, that the Sister (read Nun) there said that she was the daughter of Rose. Jyothika is in a marketing firm and looks like she is enjoying her life. But back home she talks with her virtual mother and yearns for motherly love. To hide this fact from co-workers, she gets food from a hotel and says that her mother had prepared it.
Kushboo is a social service aunty (neighbour and well-wisher of Jyothika) who takes care of three physically challenged kids. One day as Jyothika is driving back, she finds Saritha on the road unconsious, helps her to a hospital and signs as her daughter. But Saritha has a son, who doesn’t want to take care of her. So Saritha ends at Jyothika’s home and the two are a very happy mom-daughter (they even sing a song). Then the son tries to take her mother back (We learn later that it was because of her money). Saritha falls ill and Jyothika tries to bring Saritha’s brother who had not seen her for a long time (good for him) since it was her last wish.
Jyothika probably decided that Saritha will die for sure and so she does at the end. And at that moment of immense sadness, comes Surya to protect Jyothika from Rain (He even carries an umbrella) which makes people to smile rather cry as the director expects. So again Jyothika ends up without mother. (Yeah but with Surya). The screenplay is wonderful that you don’t feel the film has finished by the time it does, but well I really didn’t get it. Why the hell show an orphan longing for her mother and then provide her one only to take it away from her again. I don’t know where such people derive their pleasure from. Very Sadistic.

Kalvanin Kadhali

If you liked ‘New’ and were starting to become a fan of Surya in ‘Anbe Aruirae’, then you might enjoy this film. But for everyone else the film is a  disappointment. Surya looks like he is straight from the sets of Anbe-Aruirae. Nothing has changed for him, not even his costumes and he eventually does his baby talk throughout the film. Nayantara looks much better, in fact far better than what I saw in Gajni. Surya is a spoilt-brat and looks to enjoy girls. He acts as if he is in love with them, but once he has them, moves on to the next girl, typical playboy. When he sees Nayanthara he adds her to his list. But Nayanthara is a lovely, homely girl and devotedly loves Surya. Her family network also supports her. When Surya learns that he cannot have her before marriage, he is upset. But more so when he learns that her entire family treat him as her husband already. Eventually he also falls in love with her. Just then, an old friend of Nayanthara, who also happens to be one of Surya (s)ex-mates, meets her in a hotel and spots him and not knowing about their affairs, discusses about Surya being a playboy. Nayanthara is all upset and breaks with Surya but eventually the expected happens.
The screenplay is not all that boring, but nothing special about this movie. Note: Surya is just as actor in this movie and has not directed it.


After the success of kadhal for Sandhya and Ram for Jeeva, the two have rocked another hit in Dishoom. Jeeva is a stunt man and an orphan. Sandhya accidentally comes in his life. She becomes a good friend and understands his profession, even recommends that he get married. Jeeva likes the care Sandhya takes and wishes to marry her, eventually falling in love. Sandhya refuses it but does give him hope that someday she might love him. Jeeva is full of hope and whether he suceeds or not is the story. The story might look feeble, but the screenplay is really solid and the movie is on a fast track. Director Sasi should be congratulated too. If ‘Nenjankootil neeyae..’ song is a good melody number then ‘Dilamo’ rocks!!. Jeeva has grown to be a good actor and he performs very well in this movie too. Kadhal heroine Sandhya looks much more likeable than in her previous movie and pleasing in the songs as well. Acting comes so naturally to her. With the story revolving around these two characters, the movie doesn’t have any bad spots. Add to that a good comedy track as well. All in all a very good movie.