After the success of kadhal for Sandhya and Ram for Jeeva, the two have rocked another hit in Dishoom. Jeeva is a stunt man and an orphan. Sandhya accidentally comes in his life. She becomes a good friend and understands his profession, even recommends that he get married. Jeeva likes the care Sandhya takes and wishes to marry her, eventually falling in love. Sandhya refuses it but does give him hope that someday she might love him. Jeeva is full of hope and whether he suceeds or not is the story. The story might look feeble, but the screenplay is really solid and the movie is on a fast track. Director Sasi should be congratulated too. If ‘Nenjankootil neeyae..’ song is a good melody number then ‘Dilamo’ rocks!!. Jeeva has grown to be a good actor and he performs very well in this movie too. Kadhal heroine Sandhya looks much more likeable than in her previous movie and pleasing in the songs as well. Acting comes so naturally to her. With the story revolving around these two characters, the movie doesn’t have any bad spots. Add to that a good comedy track as well. All in all a very good movie.

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