Indian cricket fans should have one quality, endurance of pain, the pain of being so near, of almost winning. But among the pains of yesterday when India lost, something else was there to cheer about, a man dedicated to cricket. The devotion that this single man has shown in his life to this sport is amazing to say the least. After a wave of questions of retirement who everyone from my neighbour to the cricketing critics has been throwing at him, yesterday he showed why, he is the BEST.

The little master at the age of 36 single handedly carried on an assault against the aussies and almost won it for India, well almost..

P.S: Btw, he crossed 17k runs the first to do so and as a commentator pointed out he has been the first right from 10k runs.. And for those who says that he plays for record, you should have seen him when he stepped to get the man of the match award, the sadness said it all. I will watch again the many matches that he is part of, may be with a broken heart at the end but only to see if the master attempted it again…

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Simon Kayar
Simon Kayar
13 years ago

Hmm… Yes da. I don't know how he takes it up. So much of effort and no result. I cannot forget that test match against Pakistan where there were not able to get 17 runs after he departed. 🙁

13 years ago

thanks anna for writing about my hero …

Its absolutely true what are all you said in that passage…

Even me also got very upset after seeing that match ….

What to do our fate is like that only….

Anna you have to see the IPL T20 Final match from that whole series also he did well but finally no one helps him out …

Hope will get the 2011 world cup with the help of sachin………..