Ponniyin Selvan

Producer AM Rathnam should be praised for choosing an apt movie for his son that does not highlight the weaknesses of Ravi Krishna. ‘Radha mohan’ who directed the ‘Azhagiya Theeyae’ does another spectacular work in this movie. Vidhyasagar’s melodies have come out really well. Revathy, Prakash Raj and Gopika have done exceedingly well in the roles given to them. As usual Ravi Krishna though does a good job, misses out on a golden opportunity of an award winning performance. Dialogues are of the top notch from Viji. Now to the story..
Venu (Ravi Krishna) is a middle class boy who lives with his mother Ponni (Revathy) and they fight hard to ‘make ends meet’ with their monthly budget. Venu is a responsible guy, who runs the family and who had also single handedly married off his sister. He works in a factory and has a normal life inspite of a ugly scar in his face. His world revolves around his mother, his friends, his factory-mate Guru (Prakash Raj) and the neighbour girl Kani (Gopika). Kani, who has a soft corner for Venu which soon takes the form of love. But she keeps it within her. The problem arises when Venu is adviced by his friends to undergo plastic surgery to remove the scar. He works day in and day out to save the money for the operation. He resents everyone, falls for another girl and ends up in a total mess. When and how he realizes his folly is the remainder of the film.
The film is a sweet one. The dialogues are excellent and well placed. Though it has plently of sentiments it does not leave you sad. It is a great family entertainer without any sexy gimmicks. Gopika is lovely in her role. She plays it to perfection and so does Revathy who has to worry about her son a lot. You will never feel bored even for a minute with the screenplay. There is also a strong message in the film about self confidence and about ‘internal beauty’. Though prakash raj seems a tad under-utilized, he still is fresh in our minds. All in all it is a great film to watch. Another budget-super-dooper-hit from Radhamohan. I just wish that there are many more such films. They are a class of their own. No heroism, no unwanted villans, no sexy dances (Edit: There is one after all and really unnecessary), no double meaning jokes and no unnecessary fights. The story takes care of all these masala.

Rating :: 70/100

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