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Marriage – A necessary evil

In the words of Meander ‘Marriage is evil, but a necessary evil’. I sat to write this after reading the opinion of Gavri in his blog on marriage

Well the fact is he has confused living-together and marriage. Everyone wants to be loved. No doubt about that. And there is something within us that makes us love someone else for whatever reason. That lands us in a situation that we are better off living in the same place sharing our love better. As far as I am concerned, Marriage is bull-shit. Two people who love each other can well live together, have kids and be happy. In fact if they do find incompatible, they can say goodbye and move on (If that is the case do so before having kids. I mean kids not ‘sex’. This is important as we don’t want any left out kids).

I have always found it highly unacceptable that this society approves sex between two strangers just because they were married on the same day, but finds it hard to accept a sex bwtween a loving and caring couple who aren’t married. What the fuck!?! What the heck is this marriage then – As gavri put it, a license for sex. Go to hell you people who defined it that way.

The necessary evil – But then why did I get married or waited till then to have sex with my girl friend. The whole point was, they wouldn’t even allow me to see her till then and they made my life very miserable by making a fuss of our love. The only way I could shut them all up was by getting married. We don’t give a damn about our marriage. It was for others, for this stupid society to know that we can hold hands and it was none of their business to complain thereafter. But the government approval does bring some benefits with that. After marriage we were respected more, my useful opinions were headed to by some senior members of the family. We were given a house for rent immediately. I enjoyed the status that came along with it. My kid will find it extremely easy to get admission in a school since we are married. Even the tax department is happy. Marriage gives you a recognition in this society PERIOD

It doesn’t take a lot of your time or your money (if you insist) to get married and so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. So go ahead, get married and enjoy the recognition. It would be stupid of you, if you were trying to prove your point and wasting a lot of your time, effort and enerygy (money too) by just standing against it.

So Get Married – It is evil, but a necessary one.