10 Years and on…

It was 10 years back when as part of a blogging community called ‘Tabulas’ I had started to blog. A short analysis reveals that I blog a lot in blocks mostly when on official travel outside India (I get loads of free time). They also mimic my professional life’s load.

For me a blog is a digital diary with an option of exposing certain pages – the public pages. I have more private posts in this blog than public ones. What do I do with them. There is nothing so funny as to go back and read your own posts back in the years once in a while. Of course they are ‘For my eyes only’.  I also do other crazy stuff like make a post every year on the same day to create a link of posts. Another thing that I am planning to do is create a lot of public post-dated articles which will automatically show up in future – whether I am in a position to post them or not. Kind of digital after-life… Leaving behind a legacy of wise words for the world to follow… 🙂

P.S: For those who have seen tamil movies, this should remind you of a Goundamani comedy scene

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